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Kawai K-600 Upright Piano

The K-600 offer a level of tone quality and performance that may rival many grand pianos. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K-600 is excellent for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.


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Hailun HU 121Upright Piano

The Hailun HU121 has a clear, colourful tone, founded on the strength of its Siberian spruce soundboard and R?slau strings. Balance is provided thanks to the Hailun Performance Plus Design Action and Basswood keys. Its compact size makes it perfect for any living space or practice room. This inst...Read More...

Kawai K-500 Upright Piano

With its taller height and newly-designed scale, the K-500 offers a rare combination of power, dynamic range and tonal richness to meet the musical demands of any studio or home environment.


• Exclusive Millennium III Uprig...

Feurich 115 Premiere Upright Piano

This stunningly designed piano is unusual and striking.  Available with a chrome or brass finish, it is a great mid-range piano bearing the expected Feurich class of construction and distiguishes itself from it’s peers with a beautiful case (the pictures do not do it justice).

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Kawai K-200 Upright Piano

This beautifully crafted piano is the first in the newly-designed K-Series.  The specifications are found as below and can be bought at a very competitive price (in this size and of this quality) of £4100.

With outstanding tone and touch, the K-200 offers the dependability an...Read More...

Kawai K15 Upright Piano

Designed in the “continental” style — without legs or toeblock — the K-15 offers all the essential elements of Kawai quality to provide simple elegance and sturdy performance.

Main Features:

Weber W112 Contemporary ‘D’ Series @ £2650

The new Weber D series are designed and engineered by the renowned American piano meister Delwin Fandrich who has introduced two new models, one of which is the W112. New features include a completely new frame and round tapered soundboard design, rescaled stringing, new tenor and bass bridges, l...Read More...


Steinmayer S108 Mark2 SALE!

Designed and engineered by the German piano maker Lother Schell, known for his work with both Ibach of Germany & Young Chang of South Korea, Steinmeyer Pianos are manufactured by the Beijing Company, China’s second largest piano manufacturer, founded in 1949.

The Steinmeyer Ma...

Gors & Kallmann Concerto @ £3015

The exceptional natural sound of the Gors & Kallmann results from the modern construction techniques and quality materials, using a combination of materials and expertise from Germany, Japan and China.

Gors & Kallmann Pianos are robust and beautiful pianos, build to last with a ...Read More...