Used Upright Pianos


Collard & Collard (UK) s/n: 182930 @ £1850

Our Price:  £1850

Hire Price: £42


Height:   126cm

Width:    144cm

Depth:    58cm

Finishes Ebonised Rosewood French Polish

...


Chappel Traditional Upright Piano s/n 85494 @ £1150

Our Price = £1150   Hire Price – £38/month

Height:   111cm
Width:    133cm
Depth:    57cm

Finishes Mahogany French Polish

...


Chappel Compact Upright Piano (Britain) 1993 s/n: 94813 @ £1650

Here we have one of the smallest, full-sized keyboard upright pianos, from Chappel's available. 

Despite its smaller size, it has a rich, well-balanced and even tone, indicative of European pianos, and one championed by Chappels - a great sound in a compact piano.

It&...


Yamaha MP80N Silent Piano (Japan) 1987 s/n: 4233010 @ £1850

We are pleased to have this excellent silent piano available for hire.  This piano is essentially an acoustic piano, with an option (via the flick of a switch) to engage the electronic piano option, which makes the sound only audible through headphones giving the player the ability to play a...Read More...


Yamaha P116 Upright Piano (Japan) s/n 4232489 @ £2250

This is a good example of one of Yamaha’s finest compact pianos.  Made in Japan with an attractive polyester finish, it can stand up to the hours of practicing required for students studying for their higher grades, or satisfy the attentions of the more casual player.

Taller ...


Petrof Upright Piano (Czech Republic) s/n 511890 @ £2950

Known as the poor mans Steinway, these Czech made and manufactured pianos have a long history of excellence and recognition.

This piano is a great example of this craftsmanship, but conveniently housed in a compact case, only 54cm deep with  super resonance and a good even tone, in...Read More...


Steinbach 108 Compact Upright Piano @ £1450

Voted by UK dealers as the best Acoustic Piano in 2004 and 2005 the Steinbach 108 Modern is renowned for offering great value for money, proven reliability and tonal consistency throughout the keyboard.

This Steinbach is a great starter piano at a good price.  As their website stat...Read More...


Brendorf Upright Piano s/n 4727 @ £1075

Here we have a very solid German-style upright piano, perfect for beginners and intermediate players.

It is cross (over) strung and under dampered with a full metal frame and in an attractive 1930′s mahogany case and has been fully prepared for selling, ie. full regulation, tuning...Read More...


Steinhof Compact Upright Piano s/n 342005 @ £1650

Here we have a solid little piano, perfect for beginners and intermediate players in an attractive dark mahogany case.

It is cross (over) strung and under dampered with a full metal frame and has been fully prepared for selling, ie. full regulation, tuning and toning.

Our Pric...


Welmar 125 (Britain) (c) 1991 s/n: 108188 @ £3500

Welmar is a name synonymous with quality components and superb craftsmanship.  Pianos manufactured by this firm are renowned for their full, warm, clear tone and this, modern (1991) instrument is a prime example of this.

The action is in a near perfect condition and in a subtle sat...Read More...