Legnica (Poland) Modern Upright Piano ©1974 @ £1450


Our Price = £1450  Hire Price – £38/ month

Height: 110cm
Width: 144cm
Depth: 55.5cm
Finishes Crown Cut Honey Mahogany, Poly Finish

This is a lovely European piano, made in Poland in the 1970s.  Legnica were originally part of the famed Seiler piano manufacturing group, close to the border of modern day Germany.  After the Second World War and European boarders were re-defined, the factory found itself in Poland, where Legnica pianos are made to this day.  Legnica pianos are not mass produced. Each piano is hand made in the Old World Eu-ropean tradition. Upright models feature a “full perimeter” iron frame design. Due to this extra-wide de-sign, the frame can withstand and distribute the tension much more evenly, which helps the piano stay in tune longer. A perfect piano for smaller homes and good pianists!

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