Kemble Minuet Model (London) @ £1150

Our Price = £1150  Hire Price – £35/ month

Height: 90.5cm
Width: 134cm
Depth: 54.5cm
Finishes Mahogany, Satin

Kemble were the last company manufacturing pianos in the UK (the factory, bought by Yamaha in the mid-1980′s, closed finally in 2009).  They were renown for making good quality British pianos; one of the reasons for their endurance.

This Minuet model is one of the rarer models made by Kemble, combining the compact size of the Minx’s, but with a more contemporary (for the period) design and action indicative of it’s age (circa 1970).

A good starter piano and ideal if you have space restrictions, or are a fan of the retro 1970′s furniture design style!  The picture does not do it justice – a must see.

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