Feurich 115 Premiere Upright Piano

This stunningly designed piano is unusual and striking.  Available with a chrome or brass finish, it is a great mid-range piano bearing the expected Feurich class of construction and distiguishes itself from it’s peers with a beautiful case (the pictures do not do it justice).

Designed by Rolf Ibach, this is a beautiful modern looking piano that has a dynamic range most bigger pianos cannot achieve, and the touch and tone that only tradition can deliver. Just another step forward in the inspirational tradition meets innovation ideals being explored and employed by Feurich .  A popular model that should definitely be played to be understood.

The piano comes in Black Poly or White Poly finish and you can choose to have either brass or chrome fittings.

To find out more, come in to the shop and play or visit the Feurich website.

Height: 115cm
Width: 148cm
Depth: 58cm
Weight: 190kg
RRP: £2895
Hire: £45


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