Yamaha U2 - Japan s/n 292232 c.1963 @ £2300

Here we have a beautiful example of the rarer Yamaha U2, made in Japan.  It has been with one careful owner since it's arrival in the UK, and was one of the first, and best made U2 model Yamahas to leave the factory.

Renown for having a superb action, robust build and a famous sound the 'U' Series are Yamaha's flagship model of upright pianos.

This wonderful piano was manufactured in small quantities by Yamaha in Japan and has a wonderful touch and tone.  Far less common than it's sister pianos, the U1 and U3, it is of a medium/ large height (127cm) giving it a great overall resonance and projection - better than the U1 but not quite as powerful as the U3. This makes it an excellent domestic choice. The instrument benefits from the usual high build quality from Yamaha. 

The most commonly available colour available on the second hand market is Black Polyester. A non-black 2nd hand Yamaha U1 is a very rare thing indeed so we are happy to present this unusual Japanese instrument in a high polish mahogany finish.

Height 127cm
Width 152.4cm
Depth 61cm

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