Zimmerman (Germany) @ £3,500n

Our Price = £3,500

Hire Price = £50/ mth

Length = 4'6"

The Zimmermann brand was established in 1884 by the brothers Max and Richard Zimmermann in the small town of Mölkau, near Leipzig. They called their company the Leipziger Pianofortefabrik Gebrüder Zimmermann. In 1895, the business already employed 120 skilled workers. Around 1904, in the golden age of piano when hundreds, even thousands of manufacturers existed, the Zimmermann factory was the second largest in Europe. Zimmermann soon opened new production sites in Eilenburg, Gotha, and in Seifhennersdorf, the location of the C. Bechstein factory today. 

During and between the two World Wars, exports suffered and production capacities fluctuated. In 1946, the company was nationalised under the name VEB Sächsische Pianofortefabrik Seifhennersdorf. With an output of up to 8,000 instruments per year, the Zimmermann factory was once again one of the largest in Europe, exporting to thirty-five countries

In 1992 the C.Bechstein Group took over the Zimmermann name and the production site expanded until 2011 when the production of these instruments was moved to the Czech Republic facility. Production, quality assurance, material procuremnent, and development are carefully overseen by the C.Bechstein production centre and with a wider sourcing of materials this has enabled the company to produce a superb series of instruments at extremely competitive prices.

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