Kemble Minx s/n 40465 @ £950

Our Price = £950  Hire Price = £36/ month

Height: 89cm
Width:  137cm
Depth:  55.5cm

Finishes:              Mahogany French Polish

Kemble pianos are best known for building small modern and compact pianos of very high quality, and overcoming many of the difficulties associated with building very compact instruments. The Kemble ‘Compact’ and ‘Minx’ models are among the only ‘Compact’ or ‘Miniature’ pianos of good quality. 

Here we have a lovely example of the collectable Minx model, with a spinet action that is ideal for anyone with space restrictions.  A very narrow piano at only 137cm wide and very short at 89cm (it is very rare for an piano to come in at under 100cm) it is as smaller than many digital pianos and will fit in to most cubbyholes!

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