Schwester N°.51 (Japan) s/n 440275 @£1750

Our Price = £1750    Hire Price – £48/ month

Height: 128cm
Width:  154cm
Depth:  65cm

Finishes:              Mahogany Poly

Japanese brand Schwester have been making high-end quality and bespoke pianos since 1929.  They are the third oldest piano manufacturer in Japan, known for building a small number of exclusive, high-quality pianos for connoisseurs that were modelled after the Bosendorfer and Steinway European pianos.

We are very happy to have this grand, beautiful Schwester piano, in a well-loved mahogany poly finish in our collection.  A wonderful piano for all levels of pianist, from beginner to performer.  A piano to rival the best Kawai or Yamaha upright, it is an absolute steal at on £1750.

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