Boston (Steinway) upright piano UP 132-E s/n: 123644

Our Price: £5950.00

Height: 132cm
Width:  154cm
Depth:  65cm

Finishes:  Black Poly Finish

This is a superb Boston upright piano, produced by the Steinway piano house.  We are presenting here, a fine example of their flagship model, the UP 132-E.

Steinway & Sons introduced the Boston piano in 1992. The Boston piano is synonymous with everything you would expect from a Steinway piano and features numerous original Steinway patents and classical Steinway characteristics but for the first time at competitive mid range pricing.

Boston has gained a firm foothold in the global market since its introduction as, for many players; it is the perfect introduction into the world of Steinway.

The Boston Piano is the result of six-years of commitment, which sets the standard of performance and quality superior to all comparable priced pianos. Many innovations in design materials and manufacturing have created an entirely new instrument with superb touch and sound. Free of all plastics and substitute materials commonly found in pianos today the unique Steinway-designed action assures that nothing is lost in translation from fingertips to keys, to hammers, to strings.


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