Bluthner (Germany) Boudoir Grand Piano with Aliquot scaling, Model 9 ©1911 sn/ 86052 @£14,000


Here we have a beautiful, recently restored Blüthner measuring 6'3″.  A very popular model by the world renowned German manufacturer.  In a light mahogany, with square gate legs, brass pedals and golden cast iron frame contribute to it's pleasing appearance.  The complexity and richness of it's tone, largely attributed to it's unusual and elite system of aliquot scaling (a fourth string added to the mid/ treble section that isn't struck, but is is excited by sympathetic vibration of the string being played, adding depth, colour and resonance to the sound produced).

This Blüthner boudoir grand must be played and heard to be fully appreciated.

Blüthner pianos are stunning examples of master craftmanship and build quality producing high-end sound and ease of play in the most professional of pianos.

“Orchestras and pianists alike are impressed by the sound, the shading of the dynamics, and the outstanding performance of the instruments. Chamber musicians praise the tonal character as being full of charm with a sound comparable to a violin cello. Singers love the golden tone for accompanying the human voice. Musicians and composers affectionately call the Blüthner the “the poet among the pianos” Blüthner.

Our Price = £14,000

Length = 6'3″

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